Wassenaar — In accordance with the rundown scheduled by the Indonesian National Education Standards Board, SIDH commenced the administration of the computer-based national final examination for Senior High School, Monday morning, 10 April 2017. This school year, 8 of our Year 12 students took the examination and 5 students of the Indonesian School of Belgrade, Serbia.

As it has been for the 2nd time that SIDH organised this kind of test, our informatics and robotics teacher, Dr. Safreni took the lead — technically — in ensuring the excellent process of the examination. She has put forth her best efforts and collaborated closely with Mr Alfujianto and his team from the Centre for Educational Assessment, Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta.

To bolster the spirit and motivation of the examinees and to guarantee the highest standard of the examination implementation as regulated by the integrity pact, the Attaché of Education and Culture, Prof. Bambang Hari Wibisono and H.E. Ambassador Puja called on SIDH. They were accompanied by our Principal, Mr Ripul together with Mr Yadi.

The first day it ran without bumps. We expect the examination would accomplish very well up to the final day on Thursday, 13 April 2017. And we hoped the examinees would attain superb result.






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