Giethoorn — Education and Cultural Attaché and the Indonesian Embassy organised consolidation programme specifically for SIDH’s teachers in Giethoorn, 6-8 December 2019. The programme was officially launched by Ambassador Puja on Friday evening.

In his opening address, Ambassador Puja explored teachers’ dreams on the future of SIDH. Our teachers sincerely responded to Ambassador Puja’s spontaneous inquiry. All responses converged into the lofty hope, expectation and motivation to provide SIDH students the best education so that they can educate themselves, grow as personalities adhered to Indonesian values yet able to compete with their peers globally.

Socialisation on the role and function of our Embassy’s chancery and updates on the current condition of SIDH dormitory, etc. were also provided by the Administrative Section of our Embassy. Furthermore, the organising committee held unforgettable team-building activities for the participants. It also organised brainstorming session to design recommendations for immediate action. The first of such activity in the almost 55 years of SIDH existence was a full-load of programme from early morning up to late evening. All teachers took part in this programme.

The programme was closed by Ambassador Puja on Sunday, 8 December 2019.

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