Wassenaar – To proceed with the proposal to establish a sport hall for SIDH, we welcomed the Wassenaar Municipality Councillor responsible for Social Affairs, Youth and Education, Ms Inge Zweerts de Jong, 22 March 2017. For the occasion we welcomed as well the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indonesian Embassy, Mr Ibnu Wahyutomo and our Attaché of Education and Culture, Prof. Bambang Hari Wibisono.

Also present in the meeting a member of SIDH Committee, Mr Andrei T. Marentek (our alumnus and Indonesian Embassy home-staff), SIDH Committee Chairperson, Ms Helen Setiawati, Ms Roeena Mahdi (Code 90 architect/our alumna) and Mr Soedirman Patmo (Code 90 architect). SIDH was represented by our Principal, Mr Ripul, Vice Principal, Mr Yadi, 2 teachers: Bu Djena and Pak Deni, and 2 students: Kitana and Jacelynn.

Considering to obtain a ‘surrounding-permit’ would be uneasy and take long time, Ms Zweerts offered some  short-term solutions for our students to do sport during the autumn and winter at a sport hall of a nearby school or sport club. Another possible option is to place a bubble hall in our school vacinity. For a school in the Netherlands, one of the standards to be met is a sport facility for the students.

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