Wassenaar — As part Wassenaar’s community, SIDH took part in the charity activity “Wandelen voor Water”, organised in Wassenaar, 23 March 2017.

From our school community we managed to collect a symbolic amount of money to be donated to the Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië. This foundation would subsequently channel the collected donation to help building clean water and hygienic facilities at several primary schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Along with about 800 other students from 9 schools in Wassenaar, 13 of our students participated in the return “Walk for Water” starting from our school to the town-hall of Wassenaar Municipality. Each participant brought some bottles of water in her/his backpack that we received from the organiser. It symbolised the effort carried out by children in countries where water is scarce that in order to get clean water they had to walk around averagely 6 kilometres from home to the water source.

The participating students from our school were: Hasan, Bintang, Almira, Rahcman, Yudistira, Naya, Patia, Berekhya, Hannah, Kamila, Reza, Avriel, and Fairuz Kamilah. They were accompanied by Mr Ripul dan Mr Yadi.

At the front yard of the town-hall the participants were exclusively welcomed by the Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja. For the first time Indonesia received the honorary place in the event. H.E. Ambassador was accompanied by our Attaché of Education and Culture, Prof. Bambang Hari Wibisono. The stage was toned up by Gert-Jan van den Ende, a Dutch actor, componist and clown, who is also famous as Bobbie from the Ernst, Bobbie en de Rest Kindernet TV programme. The total collected donation amounted to €30.000,00.

The Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië, Ms Aty Boers and on behalf of the organiser, Mr Rolf Meursing thanked SIDH and in return Mr Ripul expressed gratitude to the organiser that SIDH had been able to involve actively in the event. Through Fairuz Kamilah and us the Stichting also received some amount of donation from Toko Nusantara (Mr Didin Fahrudin), The Hague.

To our students, parents, guardians, teachers and staff, and Toko Nusantara, SIDH would like to extend sincere appreciation for your contribution and donation.



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