Wassenaar — To fill the gap before the second semester report book conferment SIDH organised Ramadhan Spiritual Retreat from 4 through 6 June 2018. The participants were SIDH Muslim students.

Beside Mr Fauzi Azhar, a young Muslim preacher, the opening ceremony of the programme was attended and officially opened by the Education and Cultural Attaché, Din Wahid, PhD.

In his opening remark, Mr Wahid appreciated the steadfastness of the students to observe the fasting during this summer time. He eocnuraged the students to implement the knowledge in practical life and refine their good character (akhlaqul kariimah). Mr Wahid hoped SIDH students could follow this programme well.

Meanwhile, SIDH Principal, Mr Udik Ripul highlighted that this Ramadhan retreat has been an implementation of character education as laid down by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Also included in the resources team Dr Mizar Ahmad El Falembany. SIDH appointed Ms Ponco Handayawati as the coordinator and several related teachers as the mentors during the programme.

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