Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, The Hague — SIDH celebrated the National Education Day 2017 at the Indonesian Embassy, The Hague, May 9th, 2017. The commemoration was organised one week later due to the JHS computer-based National Final Examination at our school.

In the ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Puja at length recited the speech of Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Prof. Muhadjir Effendy, after which Mr. Puja outlined 3 special messages to SIDH and our students. First, he congratulated SIDH for the 100% SHS graduation this year. For decades already, batches of SIDH students have successfully maintained this academic achievement. Second, the world is changing boosted by the technology development, globalisation, and challenged by depletion of biodiversity and climate change. Third, in relations to Indonesia Incorporated, it should be supported by three pillars: synergy, competitiveness and the winning spirit. As part of Indonesian young generation, SIDH students should work harder and focus on preparing themselves to anticipate the future challenges.

The ceremony was completed with an additional performance: the Ki Hadjar Dewantara Military Dance and Fans Dance by our students.


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