Yogyakarta, 9 November 2017 — SIDH’ teacher and vice-principal, Mr Gunar Yadi attained the first place in the National Primary School Pop-science Writing Competition 2017 held by the Directorate of Primary School Development, Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education, Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. He was among the three winners of the Best Category in which he successfully obtained the highest score (Here is the final decision of the judges).

The essay Mr Yadi sent for the contest was “CTL Memperkaya Pembelajaran pada Sekolah Dasar Indonesia Den Haag”. It was selected from 999 essays hailing from every corner of Indonesia. The number was then squashed to 200, 50 and ultimately only 25 authors that were invited for the grand final in Yogyakarta, 7-10 November 2017. In the final round, the finalist writers had to present their essays before a panel of independent judges.

For the Closing Ceremony on Thursday evening, Mr Yadi was also granted by the Organising Committee to represent the participants to convey the impression and wishes concerning this event. In his address, he reiterated that he represented SIDH and SILN as well since he was the only finalist from the Indonesian schools in foreign countries.

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