The Hague – SIDH farewell event was organised at the Indonesian Embassy on Thursday, April 12th, 2018. For the first time such event was staged again at the Indonesian Embassy of The Hague since the early 2000s. H.E. Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja specially granted the use of the Embassy’s Nusantara Hall.

In his opening speech SIDH Principal, Mr Udik Ripul extensively introduced SIDH, its relative advantages, promoting Indonesian culture and other achievements. He urged the audience to send their children to experience education and schooling at SIDH. Meanwhile, representing the remaining student and Students Organisation, Jasmijn emphasised—while citing a Mahatma Gandhi’s saying—that ‘there are no goodbyes’ as friends will always be in one’s heart. This Gandhi’s quote is also occasionally cited by H.E. Ambassador Puja in farewell events.

In her turn, representing the leaving students, Nadia expressed her nice memories at SIDH, hopes and dreams for the future. On behalf of her batches, she conveyed expression of gratitude to SIDH and teachers. The chairperson of Komite SIDH, Ms Helen appreciated the organising of this event, expressed her hopes and plans to bring improvements to the school. Concluding the line of speeches, H.E. Ambassador Puja congratulated the achievements already attained by SIDH and boosted SIDH to further improve.

This farewell event was also interspaced with students’ performances: angklung ensemble accompanied by piano and flutes, dances, fashion shows competitions, pencak silat, stand-up comedy and conferring the keepsake medals to the leaving students. It was finally concluded with Indonesian cuisine diner.

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