Indonesia Embassy, The Hague – Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) through its Bureau for Planning and International Cooperation (BPKLN) facilitated a consolidating event to optimise smoothness and effectiveness of the transition. The programme was held in the Indonesian Embassy, The Hague on Saturday, 24 November 2018, taking place the full day.

Presentations and updates of progress in terms of policy and relevant situations were provided by the related stakeholders. The event was opened by the MC, Bu Ponco Handayawati and then followed with the address of the Cultural and Education Attaché, Din Wahid, Ph.D. who outlined the background and objective of the programme. The Deputy Chief of Mission who is also the Chairman of the BPSI, Mr Fikry Cassidy, officially kicked off the programme. The ensuing presentations were given by the MEC’s Division Head of Planning and Budgetary, Mr Fathurrahman, BPKLN’s Sub-Division Head of Atdikbud and SILN Facility, Mr Rekso Grahara, SIDH’s Principal, Mr Udik Ripul, and SIDH Committee Chairperson, Bu Helen Setiawati. One of the most crucial issues touched upon by Mr Grahara in his presentation was on the ongoing policy discourse in Jakarta to retract SIDH’s international school status in The Netherlands and return it to the embassy school status.

This programme was also attended by SIDH teachers, SIDH Committee executives, and was formally closed by Mr Zainal Arifin, a senior official of the MEC’s Human Resources Bureau.

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